The Diocese of London has a longstanding link with the church in two of Africa’s most impoverished nations, Angola and Mozambique.

In 2015, St Paul’s Knightsbridge (and the Knightsbridge School) will partner with a Church and School in Mozambique. The project is being led by Bishop Michael Colclough and Bianca Dally. If you would like to volunteer to support this project (and especially if you have Portuguese!), please get in touch.

Founded in 1998, ALMA, which means soul in Portuguese, has become part of the soul of all four partner dioceses. There are now 47 London parishes twinned with parishes in Angola (13), Lebombo (12) and Niassa (22). Eight schools are formally twinned and others are developing connections. Every area of London has links.

Visits, improved internet contact and digital pictures have deepened these relationships and narrowed distance.

In ‘being church together’ we share our joys and sorrows, learn from each other, acknowledge the differences in our economic contexts, the call to be good news to the poor and to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Advocacy on debt cancellation, Trade Justice, Climate Change, Millennium Development Goals, and in 2013, food security, involves all ALMA partners.

The five London Lent Appeals during London Challenge 2012 have helped resource some of the ministry and mission goals of our partner dioceses. Funds raised through 2014’s Lent Appeal – Helping Children be Children – will build on ALMA’s work. St Paul’s Knightsbridge has been a generous supporter of the five Lent Appeals.