LAying on of hands

Ministry of healing

From the earliest days, Christians have shared in a ministry of healing – prayer, with anointing and the laying-on of hands.  As an adjunct to traditional medicine, the ministry of healing is a powerful way of experiencing the grace of God in our need.

At St Paul’s, the ministry of healing is overseen by Fr Andrew Norwood, one of the Assistant Priests.  At the Monday evening mass on the first Monday of the month, and again in the course of the main Mass on the third Sunday of the month, members of the congregation are invited to receive the ministry of prayer, anointing and the laying on of hands after communion.

Members of the clergy will be glad to visit the sick in their homes or in hospital to pray and to anoint. Those wishing to explore this possibility are asked to ring the Parish Office on 020 7201 9999.

Diocese of London

To support those undergoing hospital treatment, the clergy of the parish work in partnership with a team of specialist Hospital Chaplains across the Greater London area.