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St Paul’s Church

St Paul’s Knightsbridge, an Anglican Church in London’s West End, is a lively 21st century church of Anglo-Catholic tradition.


Since 1843 it has been a place where God is encountered in ‘the beauty of holiness’, in honesty of preaching and discussion, and in the lives of those trying to respond to God’s call. We are home to a varied and friendly community that reflects, in its own diversity, the diversity of the city in which it is set. St Paul’s is a place for gathering, but also for formation and mission.

Whether you are drawn on Sundays to the child-friendly 9 o’clock Family Mass, to the dramatic music, ceremonial and preaching at 11 o’clock Solemn Eucharist, to the quieter & less formal, Wednesday Evening Service, to participation in the termly Christian Formation programme, or just to the quiet round of daily prayer – we are sure you will find something that suits your temperament and preferences.

Why not join us? You will be welcome!

Service times at St Paul’s Church

  • 09:00 Family Mass
  • 11:00 Solemn High Mass
  • 09:00 Morning Prayer
  • 18:00 Low Mass
  • 09:00 Morning Prayer
  • 18:00 Low Mass
  • 09:00 Morning Prayer
  • 18:45 The Wednesday Evening Service
  • 09:00 Morning Prayer
  • 18:00 Low Mass
  • 09:00 Morning Prayer
  • 18:00 Low Mass
  • 09:00 Morning Prayer
  • 12:00 Low Mass

Latest Weekly News Sheet

Weekly News 23 August 2015 – 6 September 2015

You can see the Weekly News sheet for 23rd August 2015, Trinity 12 and the last fortnight of the summer break here.

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Weekly News 16 August 2015

You can see the Weekly News sheet for 16th August 2015, Trinity 11 (Solemnity of the Assumption), here.

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New to St Paul’s Knightsbridge?

If you are new to St Paul’s we welcome you to our church and community. Some people just like to come and go quietly; others want to belong or to know more. If you’re in the latter group, please contact us.

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