“Go out into the world and preach the gospel; use words if you have to.”

St Francis of Assisi

Actions speak louder than words – and though at St Paul’s Knightsbridge we are good with words and skilled in language, the measure of our Christian faith is how it looks in action.

Part of that is about how we look after each other, and how we welcome people into the church community. Astonishingly in such a populous city, loneliness is one of the most common social problems – and so we have an annual cycle of social events which allow people of all sorts to come together and to enjoy each other’s company. One of the joys of the St Paul’s community is that it is so diverse: old and young, single and married, those who are partnered, and people of all backgrounds and from all corners of the world – as a church community should be in a world city! And whereas in our daily lives we often find ourselves socialising in self-selected groups of like-minded people or people of similar backgrounds, church life gives a real opportunity to meet people who really are different from you. See the Parish Community section of the website for more information.

But it is not just about ‘us’. Christians often use the term ‘mission’ for that outward impulse of connectedness that sees us wanting to express our faith in practical ways in the world beyond our church. On this website you can find information about opportunities for volunteering, and for outreach and social action.