Living Distinctively: Lent Course 2016

Living Distinctively: a Lent study course

based on the book BEING CHRISTIAN by Rowan Williams

Where:          In the Choir Vestry

When:           Wednesdays 17th, 25th February and 2nd, 9th March 2016 at 19:30; preceded by mass at 18:45

Led by:           Fr Louis Darrant

Free events. Book available: £8:00

 Using Rowan Williams’ ‘Being Christian’, Fr Louis Darrant invites you to explore four cardinal points in our distinctive way of living: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist and Prayer. Each session will last 1h 15m, ending promptly at 20:45 and will contain both input and individual and group reflection with discussion. By the end of this four week course we will have a stronger sense of what is distinctive in our identity and those who follow Jesus Christ in daily life.

Praise for the book:

Unless we understand our faith we cannot live it, but it is the living that matters. Knowing and thinking and understanding are all means to draw us into the life of Christ, an active living and loving way of being. Christianity is both simple and profound. Rowan Williams understands these two levels and how we come to the depth of what Jesus is by the simplicities of informed Christian practice. This is a handbook for Christian living.   Sister Wendy Beckett

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