Lent Programme 2019

Fresh Start


A journey of preparation, renewal and return to God

Six Thought-Pieces for Lent 2019

on Wednesdays at 19:00 at the midweek mass in church


on Sunday afternoons at 18:00 by conference call [see below for dial-in details]

with everyone together for  Saturday Quiet Morning

Wednesday 13th March at 19:00 / Sunday 17th March at 18:00

I “Just where is God? Unapproachable light and the hair on your heads”

Wednesday 20th March at 19:00 / Sunday 24th March at 18:00

II “But who do you say that I am? Considering Jesus”

Wednesday 27th March  at 19:00 / Sunday 31st March at 18:00

III “Just keep breathing: Spirit in life”

Wednesday 3rd April at 19:00 / Sunday 7th April at 18:00

IV “Aiming in the right direction: holiness and the target practice of spiritual living”

Saturday 6th April  from 10:00 – 13:00 (in church)

V  “Parent, adult, child – the dynamics of discipleship” A Lenten Quiet Morning

Wednesday 10th April at 19:00 / Sunday 14th April at 18:00

VI “The glass bead game and keeping it real: why life really is different for people of faith”

Each session is ‘stand alone’ – so even if you can’t attend all of them, you are welcome to come and go.  And you are also welcome to mix and match Wednesdays and Sundays.


If you are at your PC, laptop or tablet, or on a smartphone, you can enter the following address in your browser at the appropriate time, and you will join automatically: https://zoom.us/j/3346908096


 If you don’t have a PC and just want to listen/speak then dial by your location: 0203 695 0088 or  0203 966 3809

When prompted for the meeting ID, enter: 334 690 8096

If you are not in the UK but would like to dial in on a local number, you can enter the following address in your browser to get local contact details: https://zoom.us/u/aqFOGeKk0





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