Haydn’s London Ladies

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Clare McCaldin (mezzo) & Paul Turner (piano)

When Haydn made his very successful visits to London in the 1790s, he was already an international celebrity. He was welcomed into musical society where he made many strong friendships, including with a number of women.

This concert tells the story of Haydn’s relationship with these women, some of whom were not only admirers of his music but artists themselves, through the vocal and piano music associated with them. 

Haydn’s London Ladies – Rebecca Schroeder, Anne Hunter, Therese Jansen, Harriet Abrams and Emma Hamilton – are fascinating in their own right, They illustrate how precarious the social position of women was at this time, Totally reliant on family or the right kind of husband for status and income, even the most celebrated were subject to swift and terrible changes of fortune, as the stories of these Ladies demonstrate.

More info via McCaldin Arts website: http://mccaldinarts.com/projects/haydns-london-ladies/

McCaldin Arts

Haydn's London Ladies

Start date: September 19, 2016
Start time: 19:30

End date: September 19, 2016
End time: 21:15

Location: St Paul’s Church

Event type: Classic Concert

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