Daily Mass & Opening Times in Christmastide

Posted on: Tuesday 22nd December 2015


Monday 21st December: noon (mass of requiem)

Tuesday 22nd December: 09:00

Wednesday 23rd December: noon

Thursday 24th December (Christmas Eve): low mass at 09:00; Midnight Mass at 23:00

Friday 25th December (Christmas Day): Family Mass with Carols at 09:00; High Mass at 11:00

Saturday 26th December (St Stephen): noon

Sunday 27th December (Christmas 1): Low Mass at 09:00; Sung Mass at 11:00

Monday 28th December (Holy Innocents): Mass at 18:00

Tuesday 29th December (St John the Evangelist): Mass at 18:00

Wednesday 30th December: 18:45

Thursday 31st December: 18:00

Friday 1st January (The Naming & Circumcision of Jesus): 18:00

Saturday 2nd January: noon

Sunday 3rd January (Epiphany Sunday): Family Mass at 09:00; High Mass at 11:00

thereafter all back to normal (M,Tu, Th, F at 18:00; W at 18:45; Sat at noon)