Monthly Archive: July 2009

  1. Weekly Reflection – 12-18 July 2009

    ALMA Sunday Sometimes people wonder why the Church spends so much time and so many resources on its relations with the developing world. Bang on from the pulpit too often about organisations like ALMA, our Diocesan link project in Mozambique and Angola, which we support with our Lent Appeal, and you can see congregations stiffen […]

  2. Weekly Reflection – 19-25 July 2009

    “We are family: new thinking for the twenty first century” I shall be speeding through Leicester (or past it) on my way to Yorkshire this weekend to preach at the Ryedale Festival, but had I time to stop en route it would have been interesting to eavesdrop on the annual conference of QUEST, a group […]

  3. Weekly Reflection – 26 July – 1 August 2009

    Coughs and sneezes… On Monday afternoon I attended a briefing at Westminster City Hall about the local strategy and response to the current Swine Flu Pandemic. Flu Pandemics seem to happen, on average, every forty years or so. Some of you may recall the Asian Flu of the 1950s which killed millions; fewer now will […]

  4. Weekly Reflection – 5-11 July 2009

    Tu es Petrus (ii) The instructive example of St Peter came to mind again last Monday, as I stood, sweltering, in our neighbouring church in Eaton Square, a church under the patronage of Peter, and thus a most appropriate venue for the ordination of five new priests. As Gareth, Mark, Annie, Ed and Pete faced […]